Invest in yourself.

Ever wanted to start your own podcast? Even if you buy the 'gear' you have learn how to use it, and then you need the proper 'setup' and skills to actually achieve high quality.

Want to produce some videos for your business but don't know how to organize everything?

That's why we created the concept of a Membership Studio called "My Own Studio" way back in 2010. Our new flagship facility in West Port, St. Louis refines that concept further and delivers great value. Learn the tools and methods over time, or get a jumpstart on your skills by attending one of our playshops. (We don't call them workshops because it's not work if you learning and having a great time!)

What are the benefits of a production studio membership?

  • Class A Pro Audio Setup (hand wired and connected)

  • Use your own gear or get discounts on our in house equipment

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Dedicated time slots

  • Our production facility is well equipped and our tools are availble to qualified members

  • Discounts on production services

  • First dibs on workshops

  • Convenient Location

  • Professional Production Staff

  • True Multimedia - Audio & Video

  • Green Screen

  • Large Format Projector

  • Great Microphone

  • Camera and Lens Selection

  • Green Screen and Backdrops Available